Build Competitive Advantage

All businesses experience competition. Competition for customers, key clients, market share, staff. Competition is everywhere.

Every client has a unique business and situation. You have your own strategies, propositions and competitive environments which need to be fully understood and considered.

At Apex we appreciate that learning and development is a key tool in achieving and maintaining your competitive advantage.

Whether this is by training a sales force to be more effective than its competitors or training leaders to build a more effective organisational culture, one thing is certain. Pressure from competitors is always present and provides a positive motivation to continuously improve.

When you work on the creation and delivery of learning and development projects with Apex you will always be alongside people who consider your competitive environment, pressures and objectives and help you tackle these with game-changing training.

Our subject matter experts contribute ideas and insights designed to develop and improve that competitive edge. Our trainers and developers work as part of your team – connecting with your opportunities and priorities, considering your competitive situation and addressing your needs with imagination and conviction.

It is part of our purpose to help you to produce, develop, implement and optimise learning strategies which deliver that competitive advantage – today and for the future.

Choose your sector...

Banking and Finance

Apex delivers sales programmes globally for retail banking, developing relationship managers in account management skills and behaviours and embedding consistent approaches to audiences around the world.

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Construction and Engineering

Apex works with a variety of large construction and civil engineering businesses to support the development of their employees at all levels.

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Apex designs and develops global sales academies, service academies, corporate account management programmes, sales leadership programmes, coaching programmes and train the trainer programmes to businesses operating in the distribution sector globally. This also involves video production, creation of e-learning, provision of My721 systems and coaching app in 15 different languages.

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Apex has wide experience of developing managers and contact centre staff. This includes delivery of supervisory and management training, design and development of various customer service related classroom programmes, design and development of health and safety awareness training and trainer training.

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Apex provides sales academies, global learning management systems, coaching apps and training delivery solutions to some of the world's largest FMCG businesses.

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Hotels and Hospitality

Apex has experience of delivering Training TV, media training, accredited programmes in management, leadership and coaching to the hospitality sector.

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Luxury Goods and Services

Apex has great understanding of the luxury sector and the expectations of high net worth customers.

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Apex supports manufacturing clients with the development of managers in production line environments as well as commercial teams responsible for the sale, marketing and distribution of finished products.

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Apex has a wealth of experience developing sales people, key account managers and managers at all levels working within media, advertising and advertising agency businesses.

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Oil and Gas

Apex provides a wealth of development options for managers, leaders and commercial staff at all levels in the oil and gas industry.

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Apex provides a variety of programmes to account managers and managers working in the pharmaceutical industry globally.

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Professional Services

Apex understands the pressures facing key employees in this sector where time is precious. We deliver a variety of bespoke programmes and technology solutions to professional services organisations.

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Property Management

Apex has extensive experience of partnering with Property and Estate Management businesses, and has worked with the owners of the UK's premier business location for 8 years.

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Apex has an impressive heritage in this sector, working with businesses of varying scale around the world.

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Apex designs and develops a variety of different programmes for the retail industry. These include programmes for managers, sales managers, coaches, trainers, operations managers, regional managers and outlet staff.

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Apex partners with a number of leading sports clubs, including Premier League and Scottish Premier League winners.

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Apex has created sales and negotiation programmes for staff of technology companies selling to a range of customers from consumers to business to business, channel management and big picture deals.

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Apex has built sales academies and accredited company wide sales programmes for a number of major telecommunication businesses - particularly within the mobile phone sector.

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