CIPD Award Winner 2015


On 27 September at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London, Apex and Pizza Hut Restaurants were presented with the ‘Best Use of Technology Award’ for Hut TV. Hut TV has now become a cornerstone of Pizza Hut’s development strategy and the following article taken from the CIPD Winners booklet explains why.

CIPD People Management Awards 2015

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Since launching its first restaurant in 1978, Pizza Hut has become a staple of the British high street, with 285 stores employing 8,000 people (famous alumni including Mel B from the Spice Girls).

Keen to keep its customer service standards high, the L&D team decided a different approach would be needed to train a now heavily dispersed workforce on its new ‘guest attentive’ standards.

The award-winning response was a project that saw the launch of Hut TV – training delivered by real employees, via videos, in a format that could be viewed on smartphones, tablets or laptops.

A core presenting team was handpicked and trained by Apex Training who also provide all the production works, and taught everything from presenting to writing punchy content, and how to act with others.

CIPD judges praised the company’s fully achieved goal of producing all 27 programmes and for proving that the training increased repeat visits.

Polling among early-adopter restaurants revealed year-on-year sales growth was 20 per cent coming via more visits from existing guests.

CIPD 2015 Hut TV currently sits in Pizza Hut’s online channel, where staff can watch and discuss the content – and more projects with Apex Training are already in the pipeline.

Apex would like to say a massive thanks to Kate Noakes, Kath Austin, Jens Hofma and Fred Sirieix and all the great people at Pizza Hut for the commitment which they have shown in the Training TV concept and their ongoing partnership.

Find out more about our innovative and award winning Training TV product here.