Espresso Sessions™

Apex has designed a series of 90 minute Espresso Sessions™ mapped to universally recognisable competencies.

These enable employers to achieve value for money, power-packed, capability building experiences and remarkable results from relatively short bursts of training intervention.

Below is a list of ready-made Espresso Sessions™ for your consideration.

  • Enabling a Shared Vision
  • Developing Strategic Thinking
  • Achieving Optimal Performance with Stretch Goals
  • Motivating Performance Improvements
  • Demolishing Obstacles Preventing Performance
  • Creating Gold Time Prioritisation of Your Goals
  • Analysing a Problem
  • Breaking Down Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Building Trusting Relationships
  • Seizing Opportunities
  • Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Forging Team Connections
  • Supporting Others Through Change
  • Becoming an Ambassador
  • Transforming Conflict into Collaboration
  • Boosting Your Creativity
  • Self Awareness and Self Development
  • Flexing Your Leadership Style
  • Motivating Individuals Towards High Performance
  • Thinking Effectively to Solve a Problem
  • Developing as a Change Champion
  • Banishing Procrastination
  • Exposing Your Team to Customer Feedback
  • Delivering Negative Feedback Positively
  • Exercising Coaching Conversations
  • Electrifying Brainstorming
  • Stimulating Meaningful Conversations
  • Communicating for Enhanced Understanding
  • Handling Difficult Situations
  • Seeking and Using Feedback

If you would like to commission Espresso Sessions™ or use any of our existing Espresso Sessions™, please contact us now.