The Learning Journey

Apex is recognised and used by many of the world’s leading brands and businesses for the quality, ingenuity, consistency and conviction of our work.

We have five simple learning design principles which inform the way we work. They enable us to develop bespoke development solutions proven to be key enablers of business growth, success and competitive differentiation.

The learner’s experience is at the heart of the journey and it must be inspiring.

Learners need to be inspired to unleash their potential. This inspiration comes through proactive two-way communication of all aspects and expectations throughout the learning journey, whether delivered online or face to face. This includes careful selection of content, effective preparation and follow-up work, balanced mix of learning methods, positive connections with the trainer and successful embedded support.

There must be synergy and harmony between the learner’s personal development goals and organisational objectives.

Training programmes are rarely provided without a business objective. In fact the delivery of the business objective is usually the priority and focus of each programme. However, the achievement of sustainable, long-term business results relies on synergy and harmony between organisational and personal development goals. To accomplish this, sponsors, stakeholders, line managers and learners need to be consulted in the development goals setting process.

LearningJourney_Princ3The learner’s manager must always play a supporting role.

Learners need support, space, feedback and encouragement to optimise learning potential. Line managers are best placed to provide this kind of coaching and fit the development into the work context, helping the learner to utilise their learning. Details and responsibilities for follow-up, coaching and support from the line manager and/or peers are designed into the learning journey and made clear from the outset.

Learning journeys are more effective than learning episodes.

Learning episodes – short, overly visual, information loaded, off-the-shelf training events are easily dismissed, forgotten and fail to stick. Learning journeys deliver significantly greater long-term behavioural change and business results. They balance organisational goals with personal development needs and aspirations. They are more practical and rounded, and encourage much greater individual responsibility and commitment from learners. They also give the provider, stakeholders and sponsors greater responsibility for development design and support.

Results must be tracked to motivate the learner and the business.

A key part of any training solution is an effective mechanism for understanding, monitoring and evaluating development results. Learners and businesses are more motivated when organisational and personal learning journey objectives are clearly set out, and the tracking of results is ongoing.

All five principles are demonstrated in My721 – a unique learning environment created by Apex to help employees achieve maximum benefit from their learning. My721 technology provides support for the whole learning journey, from goal setting to monitoring progress and tracking results. It creates a framework to optimise learning and helps to keep all stakeholders connected with the learner’s journey.

Discover more about how My721 can optimise learning in your business.