Heritage and History

PIE_HeritageIconApex was established in 1993 specialising in classroom based development of sales people and leaders working across myriad industries. The business quickly established a great reputation for its superb trainers, experiential and practical edge, quality of reporting and documentation and speed of client service.

As Apex grew the product offer evolved to create innovative solutions to significant people development challenges. Apex developed some of the world’s first online training needs analysis and training evaluation technologies and pioneered the development of accredited bespoke programmes and bespoke e-learning solutions.

Apex became more international in focus and built a global network of exceptional trainers and consultants from a variety of industry backgrounds. Apex’s technology products also became more internationally functional. Apex’s My721 learning management system and app were both developed as multi-language technologies.

A strong creative drive and keen eye for design were always the hallmarks of Apex’s products and services, therefore it was a natural progression for Apex to become the developer of choice for iconic in-house delivered programmes, particularly for the FMCG, Banking, Oil & Gas and Media sectors. Apex now designs and delivers global programmes and develops in-house training teams for these global industries.

Apex’s passion for optimising training by ensuring effective follow up, embedding and coaching from managers and then tracking results, led to the creation of ground-breaking field based coaching tools and technologies. This culminated in the launch of the world’s first coaching activity tracking app.

Apex loves storytelling, producing business parables and driving their potential in a mobile learning environment by creating innovative, edgy, bite-sized learning solutions that can be streamed to mobile devices.

The Apex My721 app now delivers both a coaching framework and streamed video within the security of ISO 27001. It is being adopted rapidly by many different kinds of industries, from professional football teams to international sales forces, who are reaping development benefits through increased performance and long-term competitive advantage.

When businesses partner with Apex today they engage with a truly modern learning and development business with strong capability in both traditional and new learning approaches. They get a business that will focus on the empowerment of their organisation to possess a sustainable learning approach that delivers continuous results.

Apex excels in the delivery of major development projects, producing tangible bottom line results for clients. They are dynamic, cost effective and sustainable. They utilise the best from the traditional and new worlds of learning and are crafted partnerships designed to make fullest use of the client’s resources and Apex’s. This makes great sense for both businesses.

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